Frequently Asked Questions about Jewelry Boxes

Frequently Asked Questions (2) I have a moderate sized jewelry collection, what jewelry box is appropriate for these?
Large jewelry boxes work well with moderate sized pieces. These let you put your collection on display by opening the lid, or protect your collection by closing it.
What are thin jewelry boxes for?
Thin jewelry boxes are for those who keep a small jewelry collection. They can hold about two-thirds as much as the large ones.
What is a panel jewelry box?
The panel jewelry box features drawers with an opening lid and tray dividers. These are for people with a substantial collection and those who truly love jewelry.
What is the appropriate jewelry box for men with minimal collections?
The valet boxes provide a practical design for men who keep a minimal collection. They can also be used for keeping keys, watches, your billfold, cufflinks, rings and other men's essentials.
What is the oldest form of jewelry boxes?
The oldest form of jewelry boxes are the wooden jewelry boxes. They are made from a wide array of woods, from sandalwood to softwood. They are also designed with hand painted finishes, metal inlays and natural raw wood finish.
What is the advantage of wooden jewelry boxes?
Aside from better durability, wooden jewelry boxes also give better aesthetics to the boxes having a natural and raw finish.

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